Bill Worley Automatic Improv

Bill Worley was born in Waco, Texas, just like Steve Martin. He lived there, just a stone’s throw away from the historic Branch Davidian compound, until he was 4, but spent his formative years in Woodstock, Georgia. He attended high school across from a cow pasture and an emu farm, and went to college at the University of Georgia, across from a football pasture where they grow NFL LEGENDS (go Dawgs)!

He originally got into improv in 2005, when he went to see a show at Dad’s Garage called “Brawl.” It was an improvised wrestling show, and was so much fun that it inspired him to take classes.

Bill has completed improv training at Dad’s Garage, Jackpie Theatre and Improv Playhouse of San Francisco, and has studied under Kevin McDonald (Kids In The Hall), David Koechner (Saturday Night Live), Joe Bill (Annoyance Theatre), Bill Arnett (iO), Dave Hill (iO) and alumni of the Upright Citizens Brigade’s improv program.

He’s been with Automatic Improv since the beginning, in 2008, and serves as an ensemble member, Managing Director and instructor. Because of the awesome open improv community in Atlanta, Bill has also performed at Act 3 Productions, 7 Stages, Academy Theatre, Dad’s Garage, Relapse Theatre (RIP), Push Push Theatre, Atlantic Station, Sweetwater 420 Festival, the Earl, the Atlanta Fringe Festival and more.

When Bill’s not performing, he’s probably working– as a manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters, as a videographer, as a sketch writer, as an improv teacher, or as a kickball superstar. He literally has time for nothing else. However, he sometimes still manages to walk his dog, Frank, and make the occasional Vine.