Keith Hooker Automatic Improv

Keith Hooker has been doing improv since God was young (in fact, Keith once audited God’s long-form class, but dropped out before he had to pay for it).

Keith was a founding member of the first two long-running improvisational troupes in Atlanta, The Lightside City Players and Laughing Matters. During his many years with Laughing Matters, Keith did improv and sketch comedy in almost every theatrical venue in Atlanta.

While in Laughing Matters, Keith knocked up and married fellow cast member Leslie Sharp. They have two great kids who are now grown people being wonderful on their own.

About six years ago, Keith got back into improv at Relapse Theater and started making short films. He met Andy Coen and Bill Worley doing a sketch show together, and Keith just followed them around until they asked him join Automatic Improv — like it was their idea all along! Ha!

Keith loves his group. Yes, he does.

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