Lauren Rosie Automatic Improv

Lauren Rosie was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She attended Appalachian State University (if you haven’t heard of it, they beat Michigan one time, way back in 2007).

Lauren has been doing improv since October of 2011, when she met fellow AppState grad Sarah Simmons Turner at an alumni event at Sweetwater Brewery. Sarah encouraged Lauren to sign up for Automatic Improv classes, pointing out, “you already have a name for the stage!”

On stage withAutomatic Improv isn’t the only place Lauren performs– she also performs in the shower, in her backyard, around her office, and at the park, where she creates awkward team chants for her dodgeball and flag football teams each week while definitely NOT participating in any physical way if possible.

When she’s not performing at all, Lauren spends her time working as an environmental insurance broker, hanging out with her dogs, running (to combat her other hobby, drinking beer), taking long walks on the beach, eating candlelit dinners, Facebooking, et cetera.

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