Ronnie Johnson-Lopez Automatic Improv

Ronnie Johnson-Lopez was born in Mexico, and grew up in Georgia. He attended the University of West Georgia for Music Education, and now lives in Reynoldstown in Atlanta.

The improv bug bit Ronnie the first show he saw at Dad’s Garage. He attended shows at the theatre throughout high school and college, and eventually began volunteering there and taking classes. After completing the four levels of classes (and repeating the fourth), Ronnie was asked to join the “Nonsemble.”

After that, he joined up with Automatic Improv and began spending a lot of time over at Relapse Theatre (RIP). Since then, he’s become a member of the General Company at Dad’s Garage, taught Dad’s Garage and Automatic Improv classes and coached the improv group I.R.S.

When not improvising, Ronnie works for a construction consultant company called Truquality doing boring adult stuff. He loves watching TV shows with his boo (like his favorite show, Weeds), listening to records, checking out live music, and everything about No Doubt.