Whittney Millsap Automatic Improv

Whittney Millsap is originally from Dalton, Georgia. She grew up playing in the forest at her father’s house and riding horses at her mother’s farm. All of this adventure led to an active imagination, and from an early age Whittney knew she wanted to be an actress.

In 2008, she graduated with a B.A. in Theatre Performance from LaGrange College, in LaGrange, Georgia. After graduation, she moved to Atlanta, where she began pursuing scripted works. Whittney was cast in Large Animal Games in 2009 at Dad’s Garage, and one night after a performance she decided to catch the 10:30 improv show. She had never been exposed to this type of creative outlet; it fascinated and terrified her, which meant she of course wanted to try it.

Whittney auditioned and was accepted into the first ever Rookie tier of the Dad’s Garage company in 2010. Since then, she has continued to perform at Dad’s and is now a member of the General Company improvisers.

In 2011, her creative circle and friendships led her to attending Automatic Improv shows. Soon after, she began to workshop with Automatic Improv and became an ensemble member in 2012. Her involvement with Automatic has led her to coordinate specialty events, perform regularly, and most recently, begin teacher assisting classes.

When Whittney isn’t performing, she enjoys spending time at home with her five animals (two dogs and three cats). She loves dancing and raging with her friends, hanging out with her family and grabbing food with good company. Whittney lives at the speed of a glitter cannon blasty, and prefers it no other way!