Kevin Barry Automatic Improv

Kevin Barry grew up in Anytown, U.S.A., aka North Canton, Ohio. Kevin is a middle child from middle America. He attended Miami University (that’s the one in Ohio) for Mass Communications, and, despite the fact that his degree sounds utterly worthless, landed a sweet gig at Cartoon Network!

Now, Kevin is a Senior Copywriter for, a job which combines his geeky obsession with cartoons with his 4th grade vocabulary.

In 2008, after months of friends and co-workers telling him, “you should take improv classes,” he finally took their advice. After one class at Dad’s Garage under the tutelage of the amazing Miss Megan Leahy, he was hooked!

Kevin has been performing with Automatic Improv and only Automatic Improv since the very beginning (that’s the summer of 2009, for those of you keeping score at home). Kevin’s a one group kinda man. Ain’t got time to be messin’ around.

When he’s not improvising, you can find Kevin traveling, doodling or pizza-ing. He also writes, edits and begrudgingly stars in Automatic Improv’s sketch comedy videos.

Learn more about Kevin on the Automatic Improv blog!